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About Us

The Williams story began in 1922 when Mr. C. I. Williams graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Civil Engineering. He immediately took a job with the State of Michigan as a bridge inspector. It was not long until Mr. Williams realized the industry desperately needed an improved system for pouring concrete. By the late 1920's he had developed a concept for a detachable forming system which he called the "Shebolt" system. Mr. Williams quit his job as a bridge inspector, bought some equipment and began manufacturing his new product. He would travel from job to job during the day selling the product, return home and manufacture it that night and deliver to the customer the following morning. By the middle 1930's his product and his business had grown far beyond the One-man operation and in 1937 Williams Form Engineering Corporation was born.

For 20 years Williams continued to supply quality concrete forming products around the country and around the world. Further developments in concrete forming products led Williams to become the leader in providing such products to the Heavy construction industry for use in mass concrete projects such as Dams, Locks, bridges, water and sewage treatment plants. Williams products have been used on such landmark projects as Hoover and Shasta Dams in the west, most of the Lock and Dam projects along the Ohio River in the East, The Pentagon, and Michigan's Mackinac Bridge to name a few.

Soon, the designers of the massive Dam projects saw an advantage in moving the diversion tunnels and the powerhouses underground. With this design came the need for another product, Roof support systems.

Williams began designing and manufacturing the "Spin-Lock" rock bolt line for use in rock reinforcement in the tunnels. The rock bolt line continued to develop and expand soon finding additional markets in Slope stabilization, Foundation anchoring and anchor attachments.

Advancements in anchoring soon lead the market to ultra high strength tensioning bars. To respond to the need, Williams developed their 150 KSI All-Thread-Bar which today is used in the full line of Williams MCP (Multiple Corrosion Protection) anchors.

Before long, Williams 150 KSI All-Thread-Bar also became popular in other markets, such as in Pre-cast/ post tensioned concrete Bridges. The 150 KSI All-Thread-Bar kept Williams involved in bridge construction whether they were poured in place or pre-cast.

Before long, customers using Williams 150 KSI All-Thread-Bar began asking Williams to manufacture another all-thread bar to compete with conventional threaded rebar. Williams immediately went to work on what eventually became the Williams Grade 75 All-Thread Rebar system. A fully threaded bar which met the standard specifications for rebar and was completely usable as a fastening system. The Williams Grade 75 All-Thread Rebar system has become extremely popular as rebar, rebar substitutes, soil nails, dowels and anchors.

Today, Williams Form Engineering is a leader in anchoring technology with chemical and mechanical anchors for virtually any kind of strata form earth, concrete or rock. Anchors with diameters from 1/2" to 3-1/2" and lengths from 5' to over 50'.

The company now operates in three major markets - Heavy Concrete Forming, Rock, Soil and Concrete Anchors, and Post Tensioning Systems. It operates 5 manufacturing plants throughout North America and believes "Customer Service" is still the way to do business. We invite everyone involved in concrete construction and anchoring to give us a call and let us show you the way Williams believes business is suppose to be done.

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